For the 10th anniversary of its first broadcast, focus on the craziest anecdotes of Breaking Bad. On January 20, 2008, the then modest AMC channel in the TV game launched its rookie Breaking Badin the big bath. But very quickly, the program for puny audiences became a reference of its time. Led by the incredible duo Walter White-Jesse Pinkman, and their no less impressive performers Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, BB has unquestionably become one of the most cult series of the last decade.




Today, the first episode of Breaking Bad blows out its ten candles. The opportunity to send a good slice of nostalgia by diving back into the series and its behind-the-scenes. We’ve compiled for you the crispiest stories and secrets of the AMC-stamped show to create a small selection of anecdotes specially dedicated to Heisenberg and his clique. Here are the 20 things you didn’t know (probably) about Breaking Bad.


1. Jesse Pinkman wasn’t supposed to last long. Originally, Heisenberg’s sidekick was supposed to clamor even before the end of Season 1. But Aaron Paul’s perfs’ and his natural on-screen understanding with Walt allowed him to play overtime and establish himself as a key figure in the series. A decision endorsed in the second episode by Vince Gilligan, the creator of Breaking Bad.


2. Giancarlo Esposito did not want the role of Gus Fring. The boss of Los Pollos Hermanos almost had another face and a whole other importance in the series, as his interpreter explains: “Gus was basically a guest role and I did a lot of guest roles in my career. I really wanted to develop a character.” It was finally his wife who convinced him to accept the role, which eventually became much more than a recurring character. Shout out to madam.


3. HBO has badly turned the series off. There was a time when Breaking Bad was still a vague idea, and Vince Gilligan was struggling to sell his baby on television. He then met with representatives of HBO, not exactly excited by the pitch: “It was the worst meeting I’ve ever had. The woman we met could not be less interested, not only in history, but simply in the fact that I live or die.” But behind, it’s AMC that shows up and wins the bet.


4. The AMC bosses were not hot to hire Bryan Cranston. The channel validated the series, but not so much the performer of Walter White, that it rewarded with a not very nice stop based on “Really? Is there not someone else? ». While AMC wanted to pay Matthew Broderick or John Cusack, the show’s creator did the push for Bryan Cranston, who eventually landed the job. And that’s all the better.

i won


5. Jesse and Walter Jr didn’t meet once. You can check, while all the more or less important characters end up meeting at some point in the series, the two guys do not rub shoulders once. Walt’s move to guard a fence between his biological son and his spiritual son?


6. The actors learned how to cook meth… thanks to the DEA. The crew of the series played the transparency card by explaining the topo to the Drug Enforcement Administration and offering to help them, without much hope. Finally, the federal government took to the game, officially to “make sure things were done right.” As a result, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul were given a free meth cookingcourse, sponsored by DEA chemists. Class.


7. The series has an impressive dead-to-episode ratio. The American BuzzFeed had fun counting the total number of deaths visible on the screen over the course of the series. And the series doesn’t go half-measure, with 270 types savagely left behind in 62 episodes. For a solid ratio of 4.3 deaths at the episode.


8. But Jesse doesn’t say‘bitch’ as much as we think. We remain in the numbers, with Mr. Pinkman’s pronounced and recurrent penchant for easy insult. But contrary to what one might imagine, Jesse only drops 54‘bitch’ in Breaking Bad. Not even one per episode, a rather disappointing total… You should know that to make up for it, Aaron Paul launched in 2014 an application soberly titled “Yo B-tch”. This is a great initiative.



9. Several actors began their careers in the series. One of the zinc Salamanca, for his first scene as an actor, had to walk quietly as if nothing had happened with an explosion in his back. A first a little rougher than that of Marius Stan aka Bogdan, Walt’s boss at the car-wash, who in real life is… Chemist.


10. The real Heisenberg was… a Nobel Prize. If the Heisenberg of Breaking Bad is a five-year-old cancer drug addict in his spare time, the first of the name, Werner Heisenberg of his true blaze, was slightly less badass. The German physicist is best known as the father of the uncertainty principle, and won a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1932, quietly.


11. Jesse Pinkman never took a comedy class. Well, he did, but he quickly zapped them. If Aaron Paul wasn’t really a novice like his colleagues mentioned above, he has a slightly different background from the classical path of the actors. Arriving in L.A., the man enrolled in two comedy classes that he began to dry directly, drunk by “these weird acting exercises [that he] didn’t understand”.”


12. The Make-up artists from The Walking Dead participated in the series. Not too ridiculous when it comes to cutting the faces of actors, twD makeup artists have given a little helping hand to their friends from the AMC stable for a striking scene. The one where we discover a Gus Fring in Harvey Double-Face mode collapse after rubbing against a bomb in the retirement home of Papy Salamanca.


13. Walter White is validated by Warren Buffet. The second richest man in the world in 2017 is a huge fan of Breaking Bad. But it doesn’t stop there, dear Warren took advantage of his invitation to the presentation of season 5 to place a big-up in Heisenberg, which he considers “a great businessman”. Crime pays and it’s the man who was worth $75 billion who says it…



14. And he inspired vocations. It’s not just billionaires who feel a hint of admiration for friend Heisenberg. In 2011, Irina Kristy, a 74-year-old math teacher, was arrested for setting up a meth lab. More recently, a guy named Eddy White (yes, like Walt) has become the number one public enemy in Alabama for cooking and selling meth behind the backs of out-of-date local cops. Heisenberg, that model.


15. Bryan Cranston made the pizza scene in one take. A cult sequence from the series, the scene where Walter White throws a pizza on the roof of his house should not have been the easiest to put in the box. A challenge too thin against the skills of Bryan Cranston, who took charge of the throw himself and managed the first shot this “one-in-a-million shot” – says Vince Gilligan.


16. But une anti-pizza barrier was laid in front of the Whites’ house. Also in the culinary anecdote, the famous 308 Negra Arroyo Lane really exists (under another name) in Albuquerque, and smart kids regularly have fun letting go of their four cheeses on the roof of the house. Except that a poor lady lives there, and ended up building a two-metre fence around her shack to warn herself of pizza throwers. Skilled.



17. The site savewalterwhite.com really exists. 10 years later, it is still possible to help poor Walter in his fight against lung cancer. The site savewalterwhite.com has been reconstructed with a kitsch design well worthy of the canvas of the 2000s. And the platform in question is not a fan made, but a com’ shot concocted by AMC. A quick click on the “Donate” link at the bottom of the page and you will be directly redirected to the Breaking Bad page of the channel’s official website.


18. The number of episodes has a special meaning. 62 pieces of Breaking Bad. This is not a dedication to our friends in the Pas-de-Calais, but to the 62nd element of the periodic table, the samarium. And with the series, nothing is left to chance, since the thing is used among other things to treat cancers, especially that of the lung. Well, well, well.


19. Wendy the prostitute was accosted IRL. Poor Julia Minesci almost had a nasty misadventure on the set of the series. While the crew was filming at night, wendy’s interpreter was approached by a guy in a van. As a good actress, the lady played the game, thinking of chatting with a member of the cast. Except that no, and her little comrades intervened in extremis to get her out of a rather awkward situation.


20. The name Saul Goodman is actually a pun. Not the most uninteresting of the characters, Saul convinced AMC and fans to afford a spin-off that completed his season 3. But Better Call Saul fans know it, Saul Goodman is not his birth blaze. The creators of Breaking Bad got him this little name by hijacking the phrase “It’s all good, man!”.