9 Things You Dont Know About Gummo

With the “Hit & Facts” series, Vote For Star reveals the secrets of making the greatest rap hits present and past. For this new episode, place to the only good piece of the discography of Tekashi 6ix9ine.

1- GUMMO is titled after the 1997 film of the same name, the story of two unemployed teenagers from a sleepy Ohio town who occupy their days by killing cats to sell them to the local butcher and sniff glue.

Note that at no time is the word quoted in the text.


9 Things You Dont Know About Gummo


2- produced by Pi’erre Bourne, the instrumental was originally intended for Trippie Red before ending up in the hands of 6ix9ine.

Furious that the rainbow rapper was able to appropriate his work even as he was facing a sexual assault charge, Bourne has publicly stated that he no longer wants to recollaborate with Trippie Red.

His lawyers later got his tag removed from the track.

3-according to Wizard Lee, the Inge son of 6ix9ineGUMMO would have taken nearly four months to be finalized.

«  We tried different flows, different cadences. The label didn’t believe in US, but we knew we were holding something. »


4 – it was on the occasion of the shooting of the clip that 6ix9ine was displayed for the very first time with its huge tattoo 69 on the forehead. Absolutely no one was aware, not even his pal Andrew ‘TrifeDrew‘ Green yet in charge of directing.


5-GUMMO also marks the starting point of the collaboration between 6ix9ine and the Nine Trey Gangsters. Eager to boost his street credibility and offer shock images, 6ix9ine got in touch with Kifano ‘Shotti’ Jordan so he could bring some friends back to him for figuration.


6 – if you were wondering why friend Tekashi is ” scum Gang!!! in intro and conclusion, it is a reference to his collective of the time (of which Trippie Red was once a member, by the way).

Scum” means “Society can’t Understand me”.


7- in addition to the official remix with Migos Offset proposed on the mixtape Day69, several unofficial versions have emerged on the web including one by Rick Ross and one by Lil Wayne in duet with Gudda Gudda.


8 – during the trial of 6ix9ine for association of criminals, extortion, drug trafficking and carrying weapons that took place last year, he was expressly asked by the judge to detail the identity of the gang members who appear in the clip, the rank they occupied in the hierarchy of the Nine Trey Gangsters and the meaning of the hand signs made in front of the camera.

No news, however, leaked as to the grandmother’s affiliation spotted with a red bandana on her head at the 27th second…


9 – on this occasion the rapper was also asked to clarify some passages of the song and in particular the line “Yo, KB, you a loser, nigga, up that Uzi, nigga” which he acknowledged half words that it was intended for Trippie Red.


Final Words

«  GUMMO is directed at someone I didn’t get along with. I don’t know, I just thought it was cool to rap that. »