Top 10 Series Show similar to Sex and the City

Sex and the City. One of the best known and most watched series in the world and one that leaves its mark! With a total of six seasons, the series that debuted in the 90s marked a before and an after in society. They don’t measure words to talk about sex, friendship, love… The series follows the lives of four friends, one of whom is a columnist for a newspaper that writes about sex, love… Anyway, a couple relationship from her point of view. Each of the girls has a way of understanding life in different ways and, for sure, more than once they will teach a lesson to more than one.

Sex and the city tv show


If you too were addicted to Sex and the City, you cannot miss the list of similar series that we propose below:




The diaries of Carrie is a comedy series and prequel to Sex in New York. The story revolves around Carrie, a sixteen-year-old teenager who must face the last year of high school and the death of her mother, with the goal of embarking on her future in New York City. The series is full of romances, betrayals and heartbreak.



Desperate women is a comedy series but with touches of drama and mystery about the lives of a group of women, housewives, who apparently have a normal life. Each with their own qualities, some more competitive than others, more centered on the family, more obsessive or more materialistic. Each with their own lives, but also with their secrets.

YOUNGER (2015)

YOUNGER tv show

Younger is a series focused on Liza, a recently divorced mother who is interested in finding work, but her age makes it difficult to find. Finally, he gets a job as an assistant Diana, a publisher, yes, lying with age for everyone. In your adventure you will know Josh, a young tattoo artistKelsey, your co-worker. Both will be the people closest to Liza, yes, without knowing your true age.

FRIENDS (1994)

FRIENDS tv show

Friends is a comedy series that tells the life of a group of friends, as well as their novels and anecdotes. The group has several friends: a womanizer, the son of an erotic novelist and a transvestite, and a paleontologist with few social skills. On the female side, we have an organizing chef, a fashion enthusiast and an eccentric massage therapist.



Manhattan women is a series focused on three women who live in New York: Nico, director of a fashion magazine; Wendy, film producer and finally Victory, a fashion designer. The three have very different lifestyles, a good social standing and, above all, someone to lean on during life’s failures and ups and downs.



Cashmere Mafia is a story that tells the life of four friends in love with the world of fashion. The four girls know what it takes to achieve professional success as a woman, but they know that together they have the unconditional support they need to move forward.


COUPLING tv show

Coupling is a series centered on a group of friends in their thirties and their personal relationships. The series deals with themes such as love, sex, love conflicts and even conflicts between the protagonists. Each of the friends has their own way of being, but none is satisfied with the search for true love.


Maid and wicked maids is a series centered on the lives of five of the richest and most ambitious maids in Beverly Hills. The lives of the different girls are connected, not just by work, but by the murder of another maid. From that moment on, many secrets will surface, changing the lives of women.



Great liars is a series that revolves around the lives of three mothers who turned upside down when a murder occurred during a charity event at school. Each has a different family situation, but with the passing of the chapters there will be plenty of infidelity, domestic violence or bullying. Still, there is a secret that cannot be revealed.


GIRLS tv show

Girls is a series that tells the life of a group of young people who aim to stay in New York with a loving relationship and a good job. Everything changes when Hanna, graduated two years ago, receives a visit from her parents with an unexpected news: they will stop giving her money for expenses so that she starts looking for a life for herself.


So far, our list of series similar to Sex and the City. If you have any suggestions to add to the list, or any criticisms of the series proposed above, we will be happy to read your comment!